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Transport into another world as your stress and strains slip away, leaving you feeling nurtured, balanced and re-energized.

A True Mind, Body and Soul Experience

A powerful and unique combination of Australian Bush Flower Essence card reading, Intuitive massage, Hot rocks, Energetic healing, Flower & Crystal remedies and the Sound healing using my voice, to create a deep level of change within.

I read and balance the delicate interplay between the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Guided Journey - optional

Allow me to guide you on a journey with the intention to create changes in the conscious, subconscious and higher self.

This addition is a magical way to connect deeper within and release old behaviour patterns, belief systems, old memories and enhance feeling of calm, inner strength, courage, self confidence, self love and clarity.

Included in the session

A blend of Flower and Crystals remedies to continue the journey and integrate the change. They are completely safe with no physical side effects, in fact a baby can drink the entire bottle and be totally okay. They are made in colloidal silver which is a natural antibiotic used for centuries.

Australian Bush Flower Card Reading

Guest randomly chooses 7 cards and I interpret them with the intention to help clear blocks and encourage a playful spirit that helps bring vitality and energy and assists in restoring excitement, enthusiasm and passion. This card reading can also help bring the priceless gift of self awareness, a higher level of inner grown and self love.


Intuitive Massage

Through massage I read your bodies energy interpreting the subtle nuances that communicate between your body and soul.

I energetically work to enhance your sensors and restore equilibrium.
The flow and release of energy realigns and strengthens your inner and outer systems.

Sound Healing

The frequency of ‘sound’ makes change to your frequency. Using my voice the sound helps create a pathway to stillness, similar to a mantra during meditation. In this place of stillness you become open to shifting perspective and moving through physical and energetic blockages.

Energetic Healing

Energetic healing is a form of energy healing where the laying of hands on or above the body with the vibration and frequency of love to promote positive change, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

The flow of energy realigns and strengthens your inner and outer systems.

It can speed up the physical healing process, alter your attitudes and perceptions, release tension, mind chatter and energise our body and soul.

Hot Rocks

This age old therapy using heated stones to assist in the journey to your core essence, where deep healing, divine peace and new discoveries of self can occur.

The stones are placed on specific points of the body, the heat warms and relaxes the muscles, expands the blood vessels and encourages circulation, calms the nervous system and releases toxins.

They have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and support deep relaxation.

Flower and Crystal Remedies

During the session I will drop essences on specific areas of your body, (on the towel) to enhance the session.

They are one of the secrets of the universe, the energy vibration of each Crystal and Flower has the ability to make positive changes to our vibration and energy frequency. ( mind, body and soul) ( the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual).

They work with the super conscious (higher self), sub conscious, and the conscious and and bring the priceless gift of self awareness, develop a stronger sense of confidence and self esteem, a higher level of inner growth and self empowerment.

The Essence from Flowers and Crystals assist in the resolution of everyday stresses, inspiring calm, balance , strength, the ability to cope better, solve problems develop confidence and self esteem.

Flower and Crystal Essences encourage a playful spirit that helps bring vitality and energy and assist in restoring excitement and enthusiasm.

The essences can also bring the priceless gift of self awareness, a higher level of inner growth and with it knowledge of your path in life.

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