Harmony Within


Intuitive Massage and Healing


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0411 111 730

Currumbin Eco Village 4 Village Way
Currumbin Valley Queensland

Experience 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours

Freedom Within

Soar to a heavenly place in a nurturing and safe environment

where the rhythmic, dance like massage is tailor-made to suit your body’s needs and create a deep sense of divine peace and freedom.

With the awesome power of hot stones, the wisdom of the flower essences, the frequency change with the sound healing from my voice, along with the healing touch of intuitive Lomi Lomi style massage, this is a journey to your core essence, a discovery of self-awareness and a deep healing on many levels. 

An intuitive card reading will allow insight to any area of your life you choose to focus on.

Harmony Within

I am offering a true mind, body and soul experience that can transport you into another world. It is a powerful and unique combination of intuitive massage, hot stones, energetic healing, flower & crystal remedies and the healing sound from my voice, to create a deep level of change, mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Amplify Within

Explore your magical mind and allow me to guide you on a journey to create the changes your heart desires.  This treatment is a powerful combination of Sound healing, a guided journey  and crystal & flower essence therapy with the intention to connect you  deeper to your inner self.  Its a magical way to release old behaviour patterns, belief systems, old memories and enhance feelings of calm, inner strength, courage, self confidence, self love, clarity & harmony.

About Us

Amplify your excitement, your joy, your passion, your laughter, your fun and of course your love & gratitude.

Cleanse – Repair – Strengthen – Rejuvenate – Energize – Nurture – Empower – Harmonize – Freedom

Amplify your Frequency

I believe the body is a barometer of the soul and has its own system of communication.  Understanding and interpreting this system has been paramount for myself and clients in achieving ‘Harmony Within’.

With Simone Blaikie

For over 20 years, I have been living my life on purpose as a healer, spiritual guide and truth seeker.